We introduce our analysis partners

Our analysis partners use Spotwatch’s unique technology to enrich your data with real-time information about the current TV spots.

TV analytics and data integration with Datacroft's TV2Web service:

Under the brand Datacroft, FELD M develops independent and reliable tracking tools.

Link: https://datacroft.de/tv2web

With our TV Push2Web service, you can integrate all your TV spot information in real-time into the web analytics tool of your choice. Compare TV with all other traffic channels, use the data for audience building and increase the efficiency of your digital marketing activities.

With our TV Uplift Analysis Dashboard, you can optimize the management of your TV flights.

Identify combinations of channel, time of day and advertising environment (etc.) with the greatest potential to increase your website traffic, optimize your marketing activities accordingly and achieve your conversion goals.

  • Evaluation of your data integrated in the login area of spotwatch.io
  • Integration of cost and reach information for performance optimization
  • Identify tops and flops at a glance based on traffic and conversion uplifts and their proportionate costs

TV2Web Service from Datacroft: Benefit from the concentrated knowledge of a 50-person team of experts.

Exactag: Innovation leader in marketing attribution

The marketing attribution provider Exactag evaluates all online and offline channels according to their influence on the customer journey. The company calculates the effectiveness of all measures during the customer’s decision-making process.

Exactag is an innovation leader in marketing attribution and is used by numerous companies. Exactag makes it possible to automatically evaluate all marketing data on a single platform, enabling advertisers to make concrete recommendations for the allocation of their advertising budgets.


Services offered:

  • Customer Journey Tracking and Insights
  • machine learning attribution
  • Cross Device Tracking/Pool
  • TV attribution
  • baseline modeling
  • Recommendations for optimizing advertising budgets

Realytics - The expert in TV analytics

Realytics is a specialist in the field of TV analytics and attribution. Using a special algorithm, Realytics can identify which web visitors have reached a website, due to a TV spot and thus measure the performance of TV campaigns on the digital channels. In addition to various solutions for performance – or brand-oriented advertisers – Realytics provides customer-specific consulting for the optimization of campaigns and media plans.


  • Measurement of the visit uplift on a website after the broadcast of a TV spot
  • TV attribution
  • Tracking of the customer journey
  • Personalized reporting and consulting
  • Monitoring of performance and branding KPIs
  • SaaS platform
  • Retargeting of viewer segments

CND - High End TV Analytics

For digital brands with TV advertising, CND provides an unprecedented TV performance engine:

  • Measurements that are accurate to the second
  • Customer-specific identification of the TV relevant traffic
  • Algorithm based on data science
  • Attributions with statistical forecasts
  • Browser tool with dashboard & 8 analysis areas
  • Over 30 influencing variables & key figures can be analyzed
  • Baselines, even with extreme visit progressions & high spot frequency

Our customers receive reliable answers:

  • How can I maximize visits / leads / installs / sales?
  • How can I best reduce CPVs / CPOs?
  • Who are my core target groups?
  • What is the perfect plan for future budget placements?
  • How does TV change my traffic?

You benefit from more than 15 years of experience in conception, evaluation and holistic optimization of TV campaigns.