Spotwatch is your partner when it comes to TV tracking and TV triggering.

About 80% of TV viewers use the internet simultaneously, 60% of which actively search for products that are currently being broadcast. We offer the technology to control real-time online activities. With our Impact/Uplift Analysis you can keep an eye on the effectiveness of your TV campaign at all times and also discover further potential through the market analysis of all current TV campaigns.

About Spotwatch


The Spotwatch team consists of experienced, professional technicians, highly specialized programmers, profound marketing experts and dynamic web developers. We deliberately abstain from abstruse modularization of our tooling. Instead, our focus is on transparency, flexibility and speed. The feedback of our customers confirms this approach.

By default, Spotwatch enables monitoring on almost 200 TV channels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland including French and Italian languages. We now also serve the French, Italian and Spanish markets. 

If desired, we can integrate additional channels, as well as special interfaces or formats. We attach great importance to flexibility and are happy to respond to the individual needs and wishes of our customers. We develop agilely and love dynamics.

It is our top priority to provide you with truly informative, useful and detailed data about your and your competitors’ spots.

Spotwatch - Management Team


Thomas Stehle

Business Development

Andreas Samoljuk

Chief Technology Officer - CTO

Ralf Zmölnig

Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Spotwatch History

  • JULY 2018

    Spotwatch now also integrates 16 PayTV channels for Germany.

  • APRIL 2018

    Taking the positive business development into account, Spotwatch is able to win Julia Aschenbrenner as new product manager.

  • FEBRUARY 2018

    Spotwatch closes 2017 with a very positive result and wins further, strategic customers.

  • JANUARY 2018

    With the slim and in this form unique TVSpotter, Spotwatch opens its database for further target groups in market research and marketing.

  • DECEMBER 2017

    The TV spot alert goes live.

  • NOVEMBER 2017

    Successful tests based on intelligent object recognition and AI-supported image decoding.

  • JULY 2017

    The website is relaunched.

  • JUNE 2017

    Spotwatch develops the TVSpotter. The tool is based on the Spotwatch API interface and allows fast retrieval of exact TV advertising data at a price based on the number of data sets. The tool was developed as a WordPress plug-in and will also be available as a reseller version from Q3/2017.

  • FEBRUARY 2017

    Spotwatch migrates the original commercial block IDs and gross spendings for all channels in Austria in order to simplify matching on the customer side and to further expand reporting options.

  • DECEMBER 2016

    Spotwatch expands the standard interfaces of the synchronization options and now enables real-time synchronization with Facebook in addition to Google Adwords, Google Doubleclick, Optimizly, Splicky and Bing.

  • OCTOBER 2016

    Spotwatch has revised its recognition technology and is now the only provider able to identify commercials that have been broadcast as special advertising formats (spot in frame). In the case of a special type of advertising, a snapshot of the current spot is also created during recognition. This way, the exact type of ad can be validly reported.

  • JULY 2016

    We now have more than 120 stations in our portfolio and thus have the largest station coverage in the DACH region.

  • FEBRUARY 2016

    Spotwatch becomes a limited company. We are also expanding the management team with the addition of the experienced on and offline marketer Ralf Zmölnig, who joins the team as Chief Marketing Officer.

  • NOVEMBER 2015

    Switzerland is being enlarged. In addition to the German-language stations, we cover the entire French-speaking part of Switzerland and Ticino. We currently have 100 stations in our portfolio.

  • SEPTEMBER 2015

    Switzerland is now also in the Spotwatch portfolio. We track 22 stations in Switzerland. Switzerland is now also in the Spotwatch portfolio. We track 22 stations in Switzerland.

  • MARCH 2015

    Spotwatch expands its portfolio and is now also available in Austria. At the launch Spotwatch has observed 20 channels in Austria.

  • JUNE 2014

    Spotwatch already has 1 million tracked commercials. The system recognizes commercial breaks automatically and can determine the exact position of the commercial in the commercial break in addition to the timestamp and channel. The first test case with a live customer should start, but for the uplift/impact evaluation the visitor data are not available to the second. Spotwatch develops a simple visitor tracking system that is implemented on the landing page of the customer. The company Spotwatch is founded and registered in the trade register.

  • MARCH 2014

    Spotwatch reliably tracks available commercials in live operation on 20 TV channels. In order to reach the next milestone, Spotwatch will automatically detect commercial breaks to avoid delivery of the spots by customers.

  • FEBRURARY 2014

    The system is able to detect a randomly played series of videos without errors. The starting signal for Live TV was given. Purchase of servers and hardware to test Spotwatch in live operation.

  • 2013

    Tom (Spotwatch CEO) and Andreas (Spotwatch CTO) start developing a core system for Spotwatch. The first steps were a detailed analysis of the most effective algorithms for implementation. It soon became clear that neither audio tracking nor frame tracking was the only option. Both technologies have to be in order to guarantee a high recognition rate.