TV Triggering - Synchronize TV campaigns in real-time with (online) marketing activities and efficiently extend reach!

Use the impulse effect of your TV spots or those of your competitors, coupled with a mostly increased willingness to buy through the advertising message.  By extending your TV commercials to the web, you can optimize your media budget by directly addressing and picking up users even in 2nd, 3rd and 4th screen usage. But also as an advertiser who does not use TV for himself yet, we offer you highly efficient opportunities with Spotwatch. With Ad Hijacking, you trigger your channels to the topics and products of the messages and products advertised by your competitors, which, among other things, results in corresponding search queries. Have you already synchronized your display campaigns, Google AdWords etc. in such a way that they also correlate with the messages from your or your competitors’ TV spot in real time?

TV-Triggering - Funktionen

TV-Triggering - function

  • 1) Spotwatch TV tracking as a basis

    Spot detections, block positions, all spots of the respective commercial block or other useful information are collected by Spotwatch-TV-Tracking and stored in the database. You have real-time access to this information via our API, but you can also quickly overview or view all relevant information via demonstrably intuitive and clear dashboards.


  • 2) API sends PUSH signals

    Our API sends push signals in real-time. Trigger your online campaigns, DOOH (DigitialOutOfHome) activities etc. and play their contents synchronously extended to the TV spots. Use your own TV campaigns for this or send impulses when your competitors are on air.


TV-Triggering – Einsatzszenarien

TV-Triggering – deployment scenarios

How does a meaningful and simple synergy between television advertising and online marketing take place? All too often we see TV advertisers who advertise products or services which are not adequately reflected on the corresponding page/online shop. Even more often we observe this on mobile appearances. However, mobile content is even more important, especially with regards to the 2nd-/ 3rd-/ 4th-screen topic, and its importance continues to grow rapidly. The solution is simple and is Spotwatch. With our own powerful TV tracking technology, developed without external resources or sources, you get access to all relevant data of a TV spot or campaign. The Spotwatch API creates the connection to your online marketing tools and BI systems. This connects TV to the digital channels. The optimization of the applied media budgets and site synch via e.g. Google-Optimize, generates a efficiently corresponding and optimized media impact for your TV advertising spendings. Here are some examples of how you can use Spotwatch profitably.

  • 1) Timely control of your Adwords campaigns

    Spotwatch provides you with an integrated and smart user interface for the precise control of your Adword campaigns. During commercial breaks, second and third-screen usage increases. The search volume of the topics advertised in the TV spot increases rapidly. Our interface allows you to easily adjust your campaigns for this period.


  • 2) Use email marketing precisely

    Or send an e-mail newsletter precisely when the awareness is raised by your and/or a topic-related TV spot of a competitor. With the help of Spotwatch TV-Tracking’s automatic brand and category detection, it is easy to identify TV spots that are comparable to your product and adjust a campaign accordingly. Currently we are already working on a dedicated and unique product recognition in the commercial. The Spotwatch API then sends the “go” to your newsletter systems.

  • 3) Adaptation of your own website content or landing pages via Optimizely and other systems

    Often the advertised contents of a TV spot are not or at least not immediately traceable on the homepage of the advertiser. It frustrates the users, when they feel animated to visit the website on the second screen after a TV commercial but cannot find what they had just seen on TV or what you and your company have advertised (fast enough). Switch on and off synchronously to your TV spots, with the help of Spotwatch Teaser on your homepage. This is easy and brings measurable success.

  • 4) Placement of Facebook campaigns

    Extend your TV campaign into the social networks. Start or fuel campaigns synchronously to TV spots.  Push the theme of the TV spot while it is still in the users’ minds.

  • 5) Synchronize display campaigns with TV spots

    Extend the attention after a TV spot. To position the brand and the motif sustainably with the customer, you can extend your advertising message in real time and following the TV spot on relevant online media. With suitable banners or video ads, the message from the TV is directly transferred to the online media.


TV-Triggering - Bidmanagement

TV-Triggering - Features

  • Audio & Video Fingerprint

    Our TV tracking technology impresses with audio and video fingerprinting. We use both technologies!

  • More than 165 TV channels

    More than 165 TV channels in the DACH region enable you to track your own campaigns, and to gain a complete market overview.

  • Auto ad block detection

    Our automatic advertising block recognition renders it unnecessary to deliver the commercials.

  • Exact tracking data

    Tracking provides you with the exact time and channel of the broadcast down to the second, as well as the exact position of the spot in the respective commercial block, etc.

  • Easy-to-use Interface

    The essentials professionally presented.

  • Data API / JSON API Push

    All data always available, even in real-time.

TV-Triggering – Programmatic – Bidmanagement – Display – Social – Paid ads

With our signals on TV advertising activities from you or your competitor, you can meaningfully enrich your programmatic advertising activities and synchronize and optimize media spending both online and offline. Via interface partners, we serve every desired channel for you, be it the TV spot-induced email campaign, paid ads on Google, Bing or others with appropriate bid management. Spotwatch makes this easy and fast. The simplest scenario is to temporarily increase the bidding of relevant keywords and outrank your competition in the address ranking, which would otherwise (undeservedly?) draw traffic from the TV impulses.