Spotwatch tools and technology

At Spotwatch, you will find more and more tools that will facilitate your work as an advertiser, media planner, marketing manager etc. We are of course looking forward to your feedback with suggestions and ideas!

The Spotwatch TVSpotter

The Spotwatch TVSpotter is our first and arguably most unique tool in this form in the German marketing and media landscape. Using a simple interface, you can purchase exact TV ad placement data at clear and transparent prices by selecting a brand or category and the desired time frame. Of course, we have the complete data in DACH (Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland) as well as France, Spain and Italy. If you are interested in a specific country and the corresponding data, you can select or deselect it accordingly in the country selection.

The resulting media insights are as valuable as they are exciting, including a dedicated insight into the TV media strategy of your competitors. Give us a try!

We offer appropriate test data for media representatives.

If you are a student or teaching institution, please contact us with appropriate proof to receive special conditions.


The Spotwatch TV spot aler

You want free and up-to-date information when a brand-new TV spot goes on air? With our TV spot alert, you are always up to date and will receive an email notification with the current motif and further information on the campaign, brand etc.

Simply select a brand in our TV Ad-Alert, enter your data and you’re done! After an Opt-In-Mail the alert is activated and we check several times a day if there is new information about the TV-ad of your interest. This of course includes Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH), in Switzerland also including the Italian and French languages. In addition, we also monitor the French, Spanish and Italian markets.

You can unsubscribe from this monitoring at any time and with just one click.

Should you have any special requests for information of this kind, please do not hesitate to contact our team.