Thanks to our unique and exhaustive in-house developed audio and video fingerprinting technology, Spotwatch allows you to dedicatedly track your TV campaign in real-time.

Spotwatch collects TV commercials in real-time and extends the commercials online through trigger, or, to use it for the modulation of online strategies. Furthermore, Spotwatch offers an extensive API, that for example can be used to enrich existing data in your BI system, for competitive analysis, circuit controls and so on.

This is what Spotwatch does

Trigger give you the extension of your TV ad or the Ad Hijacking of the spots and their media performance of their competitors. Spotwatch identifies every TV advertisement from the channels we monitor. We detect commercials, trailer, PicInPic advertisement methods and so forth with very high reliability, on nearly 200 TV channels (D-A-CH/ FR/ IT/ ES) – almost in real-time.

Spotwatch analyses every commercial, detects the brand, allocates a category for every commercial and tags these with the relevant information of the brand and/or product or subject from the commercial. Spotwatch structures TV commercials into channels, broadcasting time, commercial breaks, position of the breaks and so much more. You will have access to a huge databank of TV commercial information. What you can do with it? Use the data for analysis and as trigger! Your (online) marketing will highly benefit from this. Spotwatch present you with a smarter, more intuitive and informative interface for you and your company’s relevant data.



TV tracking of over 165 TV channels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland



Synchronize TV campaigns in real-time and/or collect data

AdWords - Bidmanagement


TV spots control AdWords campaigns, Facebook campaigns, display ads via Doubleclick, website teaser via Optimizely etc. etc. etc.


TV-Tracking – track and screen TV campaign data

Thanks to the unique audio and video fingerprinting technology from Spotwatch, the dedicated tracking of your TV campaign can be broken down all the way to the commercial block position. With Spotwatch you will receive in part more exact campaign data than from your media agency – in real-time! In addition, Spotwatch enables the complete and seamless review of the advertising strategy of competitors. We offer detailed data about the spot, broadcasting time, setting, block, the block position and much more.

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TV-Triggering – synchronize TV campaigns in real-time

Synchronize TV commercials in real-time with the established steps, in other words, increase bids in AdWords, send signals to your website (directly or via Google Optimize and other tools), hijack TV campaigns of your competitors or fortify your programmatic advertisement strategy with valuable data from TV and TV media planning.

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AdWords - Bid-management – automated management of your campaign

With the integrated AdWords trigger system, you will be able to link and synchronize TV spots with your advertisement campaign. The administration of AdWords bids takes place easily and intuitively with our tool – the TV triggered advertisements. The Spotwatch TV tracking detects the linked TV spot and sends the lodged bid price and bid time span of your AdWord campaign via Spotwatch API safely and performantly to Google.

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Who uses Spotwatch?

Here you will find an excerpt of our references.

About our references

Who is Spotwatch?

On our About Us page, you will find more about us, our team, our innovations and so much more!

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Spotwatch tools and technology



spot TV campaigns in real-time



synchronize TV campaigns in real-time



track and screen TV campaign data

television use


2nd, 3rd and 4th screen and digital natives


You want to detect TV campaigns in real-time, evaluate und analyze impact and extend into channels and online marketing? Spotwatch!

With our approved technology (References), you can collect TV spots in real-time for your company or agency and can professionally evaluate the media impact in our reporting suite. You can feed your BI systems through our API and can thereby accumulate existing data. Just as intelligent and smart, you can attribute your dedicated data from your advertising spending much more precisely, scalable and efficiently.

TV use

TV use – 2nd, 3rd und 4th-Screen und digital natives

Even though online is booming, the TV medium is still an integral part of media usage, as well as many marketing strategies. However, the parallel usage of other devices (2nd, 3rd and 4th screen) during TV consumption, has exploded in recent years. And this has happened very much at the same time as commercial breaks or commercial breaks. With Spotwatch, you can address or show presence to users, who are motivated by TV commercials or who are distracted by commercial breaks and head to (Google) searches, who read your mails and/or who your Facebook status etc. In this way, you can efficiently and profitably extend your TV campaigns or use the generated traffic of your TV campaign and/or those of your competition.