TV-Tracking - Track and analyse TV campaign data

Thanks to our unique and fully in-house developed audio and video fingerprinting technology, Spotwatch enables you to track your TV campaign in real-time, down to the commercial block position. With Spotwatch, you will receive more accurate campaign data than from your media agency, definitely faster, in real-time! Spotwatch also enables you to get a complete and seamless overview of the advertising strategies of competitors or industries or categories. We show you detailed data about the spot, broadcast time, environment, block, block position and much more data. Test us!

Spotwatch is also the only provider of automated linear TV commercial tracking in DACH (German-speaking area with DE, AT and CH with French and Italian languages!) with this large channel coverage.

So funktioniert Spotwatch TV-Tracking

How Spotwatch TV-Tracking works

  • 1) TV tracking on more than 165 channels

    With more than 165 TV channels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, including the French and Italian languages, we enable you to track your own campaigns, as well as a complete market analysis or smart ad hijacking, based on your competitors’ campaigns. And this amount is equally important and unique in the German TV tracking market!


  • 2) Automatic spot detection

    Our TV tracking technology impresses with audio and video fingerprinting. Our system automatically recognizes all spots shown on TV in real-time. We use audio and video fingerprinting technologies.


  • 3) Automatic ad block recognition

    Our automatic spot recognition makes it unnecessary to deliver the commercials beforehand.


  • 4) Extensive details about the commercial

    Tracking provides you with the exact broadcast time and channel, the exact position of the spot in the respective commercial break, the total duration of the commercial break and much more data. Maximum transparency for more efficiency!

    For the commercial itself, we also provide details such as environment, genre, exact broadcast time, channel, etc.



  • 5) Data storage and API access

    This data can be retrieved at any time in our Ad Interface or our API and further processed in your own BI systems, for example.


TV-Tracking Einsatzmöglichkeiten

TV-Tracking Applications

We monitor for you in DE, AT and CH (including French and Italian) – a total of over 165 television channels – in real-time.

You can find a complete list of the TV channels we watch and which are tracking on the Watched TV channels” subpage 24/7.