The Spotwatch TV Spotter

You will receive information about:


  • Broadcast time:

    Find out the exact timestamps of the broadcasts of each motif of the selected brand or category.

  • Duration of the motif:

    30 seconds? 20 seconds or less? Find out how long the broadcast TV spot is.

  • Block position:

    The positioning in a commercial block can be very important - we show you where the brand you have chosen was played.

  • TV channel, program and genre/environment:

    For your analyses, we also provide you with information on TV channel, program and environment.

  • Preview image:

    Get a first impression of the design of the TV campaign with the preview picture.


Your advantages:

With the Spotwatch-TVSpotter you have the opportunity, to access a huge data pool! We have the data in DACH (Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland) as well as France, Spain and Italy. Meanwhile our channel list comprises almost 200 channels.

Use our data for:

  • the quick controlling/auditing/media auditing of your campaigns: Did the booked TV spots run when, on which channel or as desired? More insights for your media planning, do the actual broadcast dates correspond to your media plan?
  • Analysis of the TV placement strategy of your competitors: Using the data of an entire category, you can see in which environments/times of day/channels your competitors advertise particularly strongly, and this shortly after broadcast! And/ or you can look at historical campaign data and, if necessary, optimize your placement strategies based on successful competitors or successful campaigns!
  • For market research in general: How many spots ran from which brand or similar.
  • for composers, publishers or actors: when which TV spot with you as the speaker or your music where on the almost 200 channels we watched is running or has been running in the last few years? You would like to exercise your rights against GEMA & Co or your licensees if a spot is broadcast in a region or on a scale not covered by the license?

And this is how it works:

  1. Choose whether you want to buy information about a brand or an entire category
  2. Select your desired brand/category in the search field
  3. Select the desired period and country You can select several countries or select individual stations.
  4. Click on “Send” and you will receive a price offer including the number of results found.
  5. Now you have the possibility to order the TV advertising data sets at a very reasonable price. You will of course receive a valid invoice with VAT shown on it.

Test us! We offer appropriate test data for press and media representatives. We also have suitable models for composers and actors.

If you are a student or teaching institution, please contact us with the appropriate verification to receive the special rates. Should you have individual scenarios or requirements, we look forward to connecting with you.

Select the requested brand and broadcasting country: